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Mitch Thomson

Senior Director, Data Science

Mitch is Senior Director of Data Science at SYSO Technologies. Mitch joined the company in early 2022 excited to support the renewable energy transition by applying machine learning to optimal control of energy storage assets.

Mitch has worked as a data scientist in cleantech for seven years. Starting at EnerNOC (acquired by Enel), he developed analytics to extract actionable energy saving insights from commercial buildings' electricity loads, worked on time series forecasting of electricity loads and distributed resource generation, and created machine learning models to predict customer performance during demand response events.

Most recently, as director of data science at Aypa Power, he built software to simulate revenue streams from stand-alone and hybrid power plants, and software to automate participation of behind-the-meter battery systems in energy markets.

Originally from the UK, Mitch moved to Canada as a Commonwealth Scholar to complete an MSc And PhD in Physics at the University of Toronto. He holds an MSci in Physics from Imperial College London. Mitch lives with his family in British Columbia, Canada.

Mitch Thomson
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