SYSO delivers ERCOT market certainty for battery energy storage

AI-Powered Forecasting

Hardware Agnostic Technologies

24/7 Network Operations Center

SYSO operates and optimizes renewable and battery energy storage assets across most US energy markets maximizing margin capture for clients. Adding certainty that you are getting the most margin potential out of ERCOT assets.

SYSO impacts client asset effectiveness in ERCOT by focusing on:

Top Tier Margin Capture

performance for blending energy and ancillary arbitrage

Multiple Revenue Scenarios

for your asset are compared to determine risk to revenue capture through data driven storage optimization

Balanding Minds & Machines

via human-in-the-loop scheduling decisions to ensure our machine learning models do not miss less common revenue opportunities

Machine Learning Techniques

combined with detailed knowledge of ERCOT market mechanics unlock maximum value for your battery asset

Eliminating “Black Box” Decisions

by developing strategic goals and strategies collaboratively with the asset owner

Competitive Benchmarks

for decisions help balance position certainty

Battery Health Protection

through intelligent management of battery cycles to balance of revenues streams