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SYSO Technologies Breaks Through with 1GW of Renewable Energy Under Management


Renewable energy asset management company now in every major US market


January 12, 2023 – Cambridge, MA – SYSO Technologies, a market operator for renewable energy and battery storage developers and asset owners, announced today that it has hit 1 GW of renewable energy generation and storage assets under management.


SYSO was founded in 2020 to provide asset management technology and services to renewable energy developers and independent power producers. Offerings include asset registration, commissioning, operation, optimization, reporting, and settlement. Anchored by a veteran team with deep experience across all North American markets, SYSO operates today in ISO-NE, NYISO, PJM, MISO, ERCOT, CAISO, and several regulated markets. The company works with some of the largest developers in the country.


SYSO has not only passed the 1 GW milestone across 105 sites in 11 states, the company more than doubled in size in 2022 and recently announced a Series A investment by Lacuna Sustainable Investments. During March of 2022, the company cleared more MW of new renewable energy than any provider in the ISO-NE Forward Capacity Auction. Recently, on Christmas Eve, the company successfully navigated multiple simultaneous grid crises to ensure power continuity in territories across the nation. The company will be active in every major North American ISO/RTO by the end of 2023 and is on track to continue or accelerate its growth trajectory.


“We trust SYSO to manage our renewable generation and storage projects because they have proven themselves to be reliable experts who deliver maximum value,” said Matthew Parlon, Director of Energy Storage at Ameresco. “They are savvy about markets, regulatory structures, and physical assets and have become a valuable partner for us.”


Mark Frigo, Vice President of Energy Storage at Nexamp added, “SYSO’s market and operational expertise gives us the support we need to navigate the complexity of operating energy storage assets. SYSO has helped us overcome hurdles large and small while working closely with our asset management team. Nexamp is proud to work with partners like SYSO to get the best performance from our projects.” 

“We are extremely honored by our clients’ trust in us and proud of what we’ve accomplished,” SYSO CEO Chris Gosline said. “2022 was a break-out year for us and we enter 2023 with great momentum, a fantastic team, and demand for reliable renewable energy resources increasing.”

About SYSO Technologies

SYSO Technologies manages renewable energy and storage project operations for developers and asset owners, maximizing their value per megawatt. SYSO streamlines the complexity of market participation, reporting and settlement, providing expert end-to-end asset management technology and services. Developed by industry veterans, the SYSO Technology Platform (STP) employs sophisticated dispatch algorithms to balance revenue and long-term system health. The SYSO Technology Server (STS) is engineered for flexible, seamless integration with legacy and new battery management systems and equipment. Together SYSO’s STP, STS, and market acumen turn renewable energy project data into intelligent, profitable decisions. 

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