Our Mission, Vision, and Values Drive Everything  We Do

Our mission is to be a market leader in renewable asset operation & optimization

Our vision is a power grid without fossil fuels  

Our values are simple:

We must decarbonize the grid

We trust in our team

We do right by our customers

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Samantha Judge

VP, Finance

Samantha is Vice President, Finance of SYSO Technologies. Sam joined SYSO because she is passionate about working with a company that does right by the world and the people who inhabit it. 

Our Team


Sheri Edmond

Partner + SVP

Sheri is Partner and Senior Vice President of SYSO Technologies. Sheri joined SYSO because she believes we must invest in clean energy in order to save the planet for future generations.


Christopher Gosline

Co-Founder + CEO

Chris is Co-Founder and CEO of SYSO Technologies. Chris co-founded SYSO in 2020 to maximize renewable energy penetration and participation in the growing list of clean peak-reduction programs. 


Nicholas Speyer

Co-Founder + President

Nick is Co-Founder and President of SYSO Technologies. Nick co-founded SYSO because  the clean energy revolution must be accelerated to keep more fossil fuels in the ground.  

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